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Stockport plans £500m hospital on Debenhams site

Stockport NHS Trust has announced it will be bidding for Stockport to have one of the 40 new hospitals to be built as part of a £3.7 bn Government programme.

The New Hospitals Programme aims to build 40 new hospitals by 2030.  Thirty-two have already been announced and the Government is now looking for a further eight projects.,

Karen James, chief executive of Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, said Stockport would bid to be one of these last eight.

“Stepping Hill Hospital is an ageing hospital that was not designed to deliver modern acute services and we are also facing a £95m maintenance bill.

“But even if we had the funds available to carry out all the work needed, it still would not provide the modern hospital environment patients and staff deserve.”

While the final design will influence the cost of any new build, it is estimated the Government would need to invest around £500m in the creation of a new hospital for the people of Stockport and surrounding areas.

With no room on the existing site to build a new hospital, the Trust has been working with Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council to identify possible alternative sites and is currently looking at an area of the town centre that incorporates the Heaton Lane multi-storey car park and former Debenhams store.

James said: “While a number of NHS organisations across the country will also be bidding to be part of the New Hospitals Programme, it is hoped that Stockport’s plan will stand out due to the town centre site which would tie into the Government’s levelling up agenda.”


James added: “Securing the funding and then designing and building a new hospital is not a quick process.

“It could take seven to eight years before we open a new state-of-the-art building, but a new hospital is very much part of our medium to long term strategy for the future of local health and care in Stockport and surrounding areas.”