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PERI lets engineers get hands-on

PERI has held its first CPD (continuing professional development) event to give engineers from Richter and 48.3 Scaffolding Design Limited an insight into its scaffolding range and applications.

The event was held at PERI’s new £15m facility in Brentwood, allowing attendees to get closer to the temporary works systems they are used to working with on screen.

The agenda involved a blend of product knowledge and practical exercises, which gave the engineers a better understanding of how scaffold and formwork designs impact the end user and the construction process on site.

Graduate Engineer at Richter, Huda Lohiya, said: “I found the workshop really useful; any time I had a question I didn’t feel embarrassed to ask it, which is really important, especially as a woman in engineering.

“Being able to implement the components and put them together during the practical exercise has helped me to understand some of the struggles on site. So now, when I think about designing a project, I’m thinking of ways to simplify the process and how I can make it easier for those building the system.”

Charles Stratford, Business Development Manager – PERI UP, added: “In today’s world, it’s really important that we share our knowledge and work collaboratively with the whole supply chain. The days are gone where you stand alone in winning major projects and promoting safe working practices.

“We feel it’s important that engineers have a full appreciation of weight, buildability, and the integration with other systems to be able to put the best design forward.

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback around the event, and we look forward to hosting more days like this where we can support the next generation of industry workers as we strive to make the construction process more efficient and safer.”