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Battle starts for £600m YORbuild minor works deal

The bid race has started for places on procurement body YORbuild’s minor works framework, expected to account for £600m of spending over the next four years.

The third generation framework will align with the Government Construction Playbook and the Value Toolkit due to be launched by the Construction Innovation Hub later this year.

It is being divided into five regional lots across Yorkshire, with each region spilt into three project type lots.

YORbuild 3 minor works lots

Regions: North West Yorkshire; North East Yorkshire; East; West; South

Work up to £1mProjects £1-£4mNew housing up to 25 units


Around a dozen firms will be appointed to each lot.

This time around during saelection greater emphasis will be placed on MMC/off-site solutions, carbon reduction/ net zero targets and a more enhanced sustainability offer.

It will run for four years with an option to extend for a further period of two years to allow the appointed contractors adequate time to recoup their significant initial investment.

Tenders are to be returned by 17 December for evaluation with the new line-up of firms expected to be announced in summer 2022.

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