Keynote: 2020 - The Panel

2020, The Panel picks up where  Bryan Ollendyke (@btopro) left off at the end of Drupal Camp PA 2015, looking towards the future but yet wondering, where does it leave us as humans? The session focused on the nature of automation to transform society and that we all need to pay attention not just to what we're learning but what it's doign to the world around us. Moderated by btopro, it is a collection of people in our community who have varying points of view and are by no means experts (because none of us are!).

We will explore these open ended questions about the future of technology and society such as:

  • Where does technology take us next?
  • Where does our industry and society go as a result of the unrelenting pace of technology?
  • What do our jobs look like 5 to 10 years from now?
  • Does Drupal still exist?
  • Will people stop playing Pokemon Go long enough to work on Drupal 9?
  • Are we still doing Drupal?
  • Are we shaping technology or is it shaping us?
  • What social ills can Drupal (and technology in general) be used to solve (health care industry, bigotry / hatred, education cost, government dissatisfaction)?

This is an open discussion that all attendees are encouraged to engage with. Our panel this year is:

  • Kirsten Burgard - Drupal Govcon organizer; Super voter never missed an election.
  • Katrina Wehr - Instructional Designer @ Penn State University. Former teacher, current #edtech smart design & pedagogy first enthusiast.
  • John P. Weiksnar - Drupal(tm) futurist * Active member of WNYDUG, Drupal Association, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers(r)
  • Fatima Sarah Khalid - I bring my own sunshine #CivicHacker & budding #Drupalista | coding for the people @TheCityofBoston | Fmr @MicrosoftNY @NYUengr

Date and time

Sun 11:45am to 12:30pm


3rd Floor - Keynote Area